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Woodwork Repair. Sometimes furniture requires the repair of broken woodwork or veneer. During the restoration process, M.E.L. can repair or replace broken or missing woodwork or veneer before refinishing the item of furniture. M.E.L. can also replace damaged leather inlay during the restoration process using a coloured leather of your choice with additional blind or gold tooling if required.

(Right: A seventeenth century oak court cupboard that had suffered extensive damage due to being built into a stonewall. The pictures show the court cupboard before and after restoration. It was necessary to replace one of the side panels and its two missing legs. The straightening and reattaching of the remaining panels and planks was possible maintaining the integrity of the piece, however, it was necessary to hand forge replacement traditional nails which could be carried out in-house by M.E.L. Blacksmiths)

(Left: The pictures show a mahogany library table in the various stages of restoration. Unfortunately some of the parts of the table had been lost over time so it was necessary to fashion new sides, a new front and new drawer separators, which were then assembled and French polished using traditional techniques prior to attaching, preparing and re-leathering the tabletop)

(Below Left: An American style rocking chair before the restoration process began. Centre: The dismantled rocking chair. Right: The finished chair once it had been re-assembled, re-upholstered & waxed).

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