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Rush and String Seating. Weaving rushes, as a method of chair seating is a very old craft, examples of which have been found in the tombs of Egypt and in England, the craft has been practised since the 14th Century. During the 17th and 18th centuries, rush seating became very popular on country made furniture due to the ready availability of easily harvested rushes. At the end of the 19th century rush seating then enjoyed a revival when the top "Arts and Crafts" designers admired its purity and simplicity.

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To create the traditional rush pattern on a seat a single continuous strand of the chosen seating material such as rush, grass or man-made rush cord is used. The strand passes over and around the front rail, through the centre of the seat, then over and around the left-hand adjacent side rail. From here the strand is then brought up through the centre of the seat again then over and around the right-hand side rail, through the centre and over and around the front rail. This process is repeated round and around the seat rails always passing over the top of the rail until the gap in the centre is closed.

Weaving cord, as a method of chair seating is a very versatile form of seat weaving. Using a continuous cord, it can be wound round the wooden rail or hooked over L-shaped nails on the inner face of the seat rail. Weaving under and over different numbers of warps (the cords running from front to back) can create many different weave patterns, which can be further enhanced by the use of different coloured wefts (the cords running from side to side) to emphasise the pattern or create areas of colour within the weave.

M.E.L. undertake all forms of rushing and stringing in many different mediums. To discuss your requirements please either contact us by telephone on Tel: 015395 36269 or Email: [email protected]cartmel.co.uk alternatively there is an online form on the contact page.

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