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Seat Weaving. Hand woven chair seats are a traditional and natural form of seating dating back to the ancient Egyptian times. Seats can be woven out of rush, grass, cane, or cord.

Canework Rush & String
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In the U.K. and Europe, the common bulrush was harvested, dried and then used for rush seating. However, in other countries the materials used for rush seating vary and the generic term rushes is often used for completely different seating materials. For example, in the U.S. the leaf of the cattail plant is commonly used for rush seating and in France and some parts of Europe grasses are used for the same purpose.

Chair cane is formed by peeling off the outer bark of the thorny, climbing palm known as Rattan palm, which grows in the tropical forests of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The long strips are cut into various widths for use in chair caning.

Danish cord became popular in the 1950's due to the designer Hans J. Wagner who produced stylish chairs of the time in Denmark with seats and backs made from uninterrupted paper cord, which later became known as Danish cord. Later his designs and influences spread throughout the world and his strung seats have become synonymous with dining room sets of the late 20th century.

M.E.L. undertake all forms of seat weaving. If you would like a written estimate without obligation you can either arrange for us to call and look at the item or you can telephone us on Tel: 015395 36269 to arrange to bring the item to our workshop, alternatively you can email pictures of the item to [email protected] for an approximate idea of price.

M.E.L. offer a full collection and delivery service available free of charge in the South Lakes and North Lancashire areas. Additional collection and delivery services are available in other areas by arrangement.

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